International Elite Transport

Happy Friday Daily Dosers!

We are pleased to present the debut of our newest member to the Elite Transport series,

The International® DuraStar™ Rollback.

These are 2 of the 6 being released this year under the #15055 item number in your catalog.

We’ll post the others as they come in.

Hitching a ride on the Outlaws Garage Flatbed is the Heavy Rebel 29 Ford decked out in desert camo print.

Next up is the Forest Service themed DuraStar taking the rugged Hummer Hx in for another hard day of scouting

Also in this week is the Elite Vintage Restoration Maisto Flatbed showing off a pristine 1955 Buick Century rolling on white wall steelies.


2 thoughts on “International Elite Transport

  1. wow – i go away for a day, and skid kid jumps in w/ a post! nice job. and just so everyone knows, by far our most popular custom shop title of ALL TIME has been the 1:64 elite transports – a category OWNED from a design POV by skid kid himself, b-rad. the styles he has created has kept it atop the sku list for target, tru, and wm for a while. keep ’em coming b-rad.

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