San Diego Comic Con

Since we are trying to keep this blog die-cast and or vehicle related I’m sticking to it  (for the most part!) I’ll try not to bore you with all the vinyl, toy, movie, comic awesomeness. So here are just a couple of the awesome rides that graced the floors of the San Diego Convention Center for what we like to call NERDFEST… umm, I mean Comic Con 2010. First up, The Green Hornet.

Here we have one of the 1:1 scale light cycles from the upcoming Tron Legacy movie. I can’t even begin to tell you how bad I want to see this flick.

My 6 year old Jake went dressed as Master Chief from Halo. Here he met up with some of his fellow soldiers.

Marvel had a huge presence there, here is Thor’s hammer, aka Mjöllnir.

and here is a pic Captain America’s shield. We are doing die-cast vehicles for both of these movies!

and finally walking the floor we found Cobra Commander, when we asked to take a pic with him he replied, “Of coursssssssse, Cobra lovesssssss the children!”


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