DD Reporting Live From F1 Race in Hockenheim, Germany

if you have been reading the Daily Dose for any length of time, you know that we spare no expense when it comes to covering top flight world racing events. so of course, it will come as no surprise to you that we are reporting live from Hockenheim, site of the 11th stop on the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship Race Calendar. when i found this photo in my inbox, i knew our correspondent had reached his destination safely.

of course, i have never been to an F1 race, but in viewing these photos, obviously i have something new to add to my bucket list.

and while i am in charge of all marketing activities for the company, i was not aware that maisto and bburago were sponsoring this event – must have slipped the bosses minds to mention it to me. i was also not aware that the Czech was the official language in germany, but again, i don’t get out much.

with the race starting at 5:00 am sunday, local time, i am guessing the next photo is from the practice run. i can’t be 100% positive, but i believe this is lewis hamilton taking a fast lap around the track.

and finally, our correspondent sent in what we believe to be a picture of felipe massa of the ferrari race team.

wow, f1 sure has changed in the last few years. we hope our correspondent sends in some photos from the actual race tomorrow.

uh, i think i might have mixed up photos from my inbox – this might have been from a race in the czech republic sponsored by our extraordinary distributor, Pama. I can’t be positive this is not the F1 in Germany, because i have never been to a race. if anyone that can help confirm or deny, please leave a comment.


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