What kind of Porsche are you?

just curious – what kind of Porsche guy are you?

are you a 2010 911 GT3 RS?

or are you more of a 2011 911 GT2 RS type?

i know where i am – how ’bout you? feel free to comment…

oh, btw, you know how CH is always telling you that we never lead on to what we might Be making in the future? well that is the case with this – please dOn’T read anytHing into it…


5 thoughts on “What kind of Porsche are you?

  1. im the kina guy that likes the porsche thats behind my vette trying to keep up! i am sold on these too though. nice picks. you make em ill buy em!

  2. I would take the GT2 RS. You might as well have the best, right?

    Not that this post lead me to believe that you might be making any of these fine machines, but I really hope for someone, coughMaistocough, to make these in 1:18.

    Nothing against Norev…OK that was a lie..but their models suck. Period. I’m not paying $60 for a Porsche dealer edition when my Maisto’s have more detail at less than $20.

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