On the Road Again, Back in the Czech Republic

our favorite distributor from the czech republic, pama, is back at it, doing the promotion thing right and making kids happy all in the name of maisto and bburago. how does he do it? let’s walk you through it…

first, when people are driving up to the mall, they have to have something visual for what they will be in store for. cue up the vans with maisto and bburago billboads on them – check.

posters – OMG did we forget the posters? chill dude, we got them – posters check.

ok, we are all set up. let’s take a beauty shot now so we can send it in to the DD for posting – check.

let’s get this party started – cue kids for sign-up – check!

and we have started. pic of kids playing with rc cars while the parents are off having latte’s somewhere else in the mall. check.

ok – honey, i told you, drive between the wood blocks. this aint a Rock Crawler…

and that my friends is how you run a mall promotion. Pama has it down pat, we have some more photos from another promotion he did a week later that we’ll run tomorrow. and we encourage our other distributors from around the world to send in your pics so we can get them up on the DD.


2 thoughts on “On the Road Again, Back in the Czech Republic

  1. When the Maisto will be arrive here in Brazil in toy stores?

    Us brazilians needs more attention with 1/64 items, does not only with Transit Authority.

    Please, pay attention. 🙂

    Best regards

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