1:18 Premiere Edition Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Although the blog has been looking like “all SLS all the time” lately, the 1:18 scale version of the object of our desires has just arrived at the U.S. warehouse.

Maisto 36196, 1:18 scale Premiere Edition

3 thoughts on “1:18 Premiere Edition Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

  1. hey, you guys should make really detailed models, i understand your premiere models are more detaile, but i mean carpeting, more detailed engines and not molded plastic plates, more detailed bodies, and underside. i love your models because you guys make out of the ordinarymodels, for a cheap price, and if you want to youcan detail them to your liking. this is one of the best models ive seen from you lateley. do you have plans for hevily detailed models, i mean they would cost more, but if they are from $60 to $100 they would sell alot. Also, i cant wait for your roush 427 stang !!!

  2. My last comment on this topic was not posted so I’ll give another try… shorter message. 🙂
    1. I can find high-end brands (carpets, wired engine, photo etched parts etc.) at 60 $ and I am sure that those guys do’em good (high-end quality).
    2. Another thing: You should apply on all your new models doors without dog-legs.
    3. If you can apply “2.” and add on your models some more details (better paint, real grilles, better chrome etc.) and keep the price down… the models will sell like crazy !

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