National Collector Car Appreciation Day

Thanks to SEMA and ARMO July 9th 2010 is Collector Car Appreciation Day. This day is to raise awareness of the automotive restoration, collection and how it’s a part of American culture. So get out this Friday and drive your ride and enjoy them that’s what they’re really for.


6 thoughts on “National Collector Car Appreciation Day

  1. Since there is a ’69 Corvette in the picture, when will the 1:24 ’69 Corvette tooling be done and ready for production? Also what colors will be offered?

    • Sharp eye! Actually, it’s a ’70. Colors for the assembled car, #31202, will be dark blue metallic (Bridgehampton Blue) and bronze metallic (Corvette Caramel Bronze). The model kit, #39273 will be red (Monza Red).

      • The tooling model is done and approved by GM.

        We should be seeing the first pre-production sample later this month.

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