Maisto On The Road: Next Stop – SOUTH AFRICA!

maisto at the World Cup? pretty close, my friend, pretty close… we did have something going on in the same continent and the same country, at the same time, at least. that’s thanks to our excellent distributor of many years, jeffrey stein sales.

it seems that the folks at jeffrey stein recently co-sponsored the annual CAR magazine 24-hour virtual Le mans Challenge in Cape Town 2 weeks ago.

CAR magazine is south africa’s premiere motoring publication, and all of the participants wore  jerseys like this:

which in reality, looked exactly like this:

man, i wish i knew someone, anyone, that makes cool looking shirts that we could use to promote our brands. if i only had a contact…

aside from that exposure, get a load of what else we got:

  • logo on full page pre-promo page, CAR magazine, June
  • logo on half-page pre-promo page, WIEL magazine, June
  • logo on half-page pre-promo page, Leisure Wheels magazine, June

we also had mention in the article describing the event here:


and also in a video here:

virtual le mans video preview

want a recap of the event – check it out here:


all in all, it looks like it was a great event, and something to take everyone’s mind off of the OTHER event going on in south africa… thanks to clint and jenny for the info.


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