Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Man, she is a beauty. And she is all done and ready to be shipped. The new 1:18 from Maisto…


12 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

  1. thank you maisto for the nice SLS AMG very very very beautifull model.
    i hope we see more new mercedes s from Maisto
    thank you
    your s maisto fan

  2. I must say, that in my opinion it could be better… Especially the taillights and spoiler aren’t so good as they should be. But there are also [+]s – I saw the interior photos and it looks really good.

  3. GORGEOUS!!! Any chances of this, the Lexus LFA, or the Mclaren MP4-12/C being produced in 1:24 by either Miasto or Bburago?

  4. wow, this actually looks really good, and i like that it has the moveable spoiler. one question i have though, that doesnt have much to do with this is what ever happened to branded tires, and realistic tread. my 2003 cobra has bridgestone tires on it, my murcielago has perreli pzero’s on it and my 1996 c4 corvette ” last c4″has goodyear eagle’s on it? i think this would make your models more realistic. Im not trying to knock you guys, but just wondering.

    • this has been released – we just got our first shipment in the warehouse last week. it is a premiere edition, so yes, same as the slr.

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