The Daily Dose, part Deux

that’s two, for you non-french speakers. at any rate, it’s time for some new life in this blog, and in all of our social media content. we have some big plans for 2010, including a web-based contest, a new website layout, a new website and blog, and more. the purpose is to increase our social currency – actually, i don’t know what the hell that means, but i heard it today and thought it sounded cool.

one of the things we noticed, however, when looking at the stats of our blog, was that our viewership increases the more we post. strange, isn’t it? so we came up with a plan. at the bare minimum, 1 post a day on the maisto blog. with 200 days left until the end of the year, that is a minimum of 200 posts. and we promise, they will be mostly about vehicles, die-cast and r/c, and very little on non-related topics, like what we had for lunch, or the BOSTON CELTICS, for instance. 1 per day. we even drew up a schedule – i have saturday, sunday, and monday. castro, the original gangsterbilly himself (, is on for tuesday and friday. and the new guy, jon chase, he of  dstroyr fame (check it out at, has wednesday and thursday. charles, as always, is our wild-card, he can post whenever he damn well feels like it.

that’s our plan, and we plan to stick with it.  unless we change it again.



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