Freeway Fotos – Lamborghini Diablo

how was your week-end? mine? oh, thanks for asking. i drove 600 miles this week-end. and i didn’t go anywhere. thanks to a daughter with an active social calendar, a wife and mother-in-law out of the country, nobody to take care of the dogs, i was stuck driving the 210 for the better part of the week-end. at least i had this beautiful, white lamborghini diablo to keep me company for about a minute or 2…

yeah, i know, with all my free time maybe i could clean the rearview mirror? give me a break – i mean you want the fotos or not?

that’s what i thought – you’ll take the fotos however dirty my mirrors and windshields are..

and just like that she was gone. as for me, the wife is coming back tonight, so i get to drive back to lax from san bernardino – another 170 miles roundtrip. anyone need a ride somewhere tomorrow? i got nothing going on so far…


3 thoughts on “Freeway Fotos – Lamborghini Diablo

  1. Those are nice photos of the Lamborghini Diablo!! Do you guys still make the model car of the Lamborghini Diablo sv??

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