Donk Chevy rolls out of the Maisto closet

It’s been a while since we’ve shown some of the things hiding in our deep, dark closet of prototypes and one-of-a-kind new product ideas. Several years ago, Brad (aka skidkid) built this donk from a Maisto 1:18 1972 Chevelle convertible. He installed wheels from one of our R/C cars and custom made the suspension and Lambo-style double-hinged doors. For extra bling he added monitors and speakers and he made decals for the upholstery pattern. At the time, Maisto made a line of 3″ East Coast Ryders cars in this style but we didn’t expand the idea into the larger scales…but we were ready in case the need arose.


6 thoughts on “Donk Chevy rolls out of the Maisto closet

  1. Cool ride back then. That fad/style didn’t last very long nor did it seem very widespread. I guess Florida had a large culture but here in Cali, I didn’t see but a few rides fixed up in that fashion. The days of having retail product based on that style are probably gone now.

  2. Another manufacturer had these in a larger scale available for retail, but they never sold quite well so the series was dropped after a half a year.

    Maisto really needs to develop lines toward the collector’s. As much as you try to cater out to the younger kids, even most of the kids also prefer realistic vehicles over the wacky and wild custom cars. The custom cars can sell well it’s just the matter of how nicely done the appearance of the vehicle is.

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