1:18 Datsun 240Z just arrived — should be in stores soon

The stock number is 31170 and is available in authentic orange and yellow colors with a black interior.


9 thoughts on “1:18 Datsun 240Z just arrived — should be in stores soon

  1. That is really awesome!!! I really like the colors for the car!!! I still haven’t had an answer to my question yet about if there is a way to tighten the door on my model car of the Lamborghini Murcielago lp640 1:18 scale!!

  2. any chance for a 1/24 scale of this??

    i wonder why maisto does not increase its 1/24 special edition scale as there are collectors out there ..
    n bliv me im a maisto collector..

  3. very beautifull like real.
    what news about comeing soon 1:18 mercedes benz models?
    thank you

    • Thanks! Upcoming 1:18 Mercedes-Benz models will be the SLS AMG and the E-class. We’ll be able to provide more information and photos later this year.

      • WoW……that just made my day…..SLS ive been waiting for ages…..just as a suggestion it think itll be a good strategy to make the old 300Sl (Silver ) more available….. ive been searching for that model in the UAE for nearly 2 years!!

  4. Can’t wait but there is a major problem with U.S. distribution in retail stores.

    Aside from Sam’s Club/Costco, who put the 1:18 scale out starting in August, there is no way to get Maisto 1:18 at a store without buying online!

  5. Just got it at Costco had to move about 50 other models to find an orange one. Just like the one I had back in ’71. Loved that car. Like the 1:18 too. When my wife saw it she said, “ahhh, how cute, your baby.”
    Does the hood open?

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