Roush 427R Mustang coming in 1:18 scale

Maisto 1:18 31669

Here’s the tooling model for our forthcoming 2010 Ford Mustang Roush 427R convertible, number 31669, in the Maisto Special Edition line. Before production we’ll be revising the light bar shape and adding billet-style front upper and lower grilles.

You can see photos of the actual car at the Roush site.


16 thoughts on “Roush 427R Mustang coming in 1:18 scale

  1. Yea, even i think the coupe is gonna be a better choice. u guys already have a 2010 conv mustang its only logical that this one be a coupe…. any hints if ones on the way!!!!

    • When this project started with the 2010 Mustang GT convertible, we were only able to obtain license permission from Ford for the convertible. Another company has rights to make the coupe.

      • But two companies are making it right. I thought greenlight and autoart are making the coupes. Or are they owned by the same company. Anyway, the car looks sick. Can’t wait to pick one up. Do you know what colors it will be avail in?

      • Hi! I can’t speak for what other companies might be making. The Maisto convertible 427R will be available in Torch Red and Brilliant Silver colors.

  2. I can speak for the other companies and greenlight colletibles and autoart are not owned by the same company

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