Maisto + Marvel = Diecast Nirvana!!!!

The timing could not be more perfect. A new line of die-cast based on the exciting characters from Marvel. Let’s let the Press Release do the talking:


Fontana, CA. (February, 2010)

Maisto International, a worldwide leader in vehicle replicas in the toy and hobby industries, announced a major licensing arrangement with Marvel Entertainment, LLC to manufacture and distribute die cast toy vehicles featuring Marvel’s popular Super Heroes. The new, worldwide multi-year agreement allows Maisto to produce and market die-cast vehicles and play sets based on Marvel characters and brands including Super Hero Squad, classic Marvel properties, and Marvel Studios’ upcoming feature films, Iron Man 2, Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America, and The Avengers.

“Maisto is a true industry leader with strong retail distribution. The new product assortment will bring our characters to life in a new way and engage both kids and collectors with the quality and exciting play experience our fans have grown to expect with the Marvel brand,” said Paul Gitter, President of Consumer Products for North America, Marvel Entertainment.

The initial product line, which should hit store shelves in May of this year, will feature a wide range of items based on the upcoming movie Iron Man 2. Approximately 30 days later Maisto will introduce products marketed under the Marvel Universe banner. Die cast cars, motorcycles, haulers tour busses and more combine to make up the 2010 product lines.  The products will be available at all channels of retail distribution, including mass market, collector, specialty and toy stores.

“Marvel is clearly the worldwide leader in character based entertainment. Their ever-expanding presence in comic books, movies, and television content is unrivaled, and coupled with our vehicle prowess in the global marketplace makes for an extremely powerful partnership. We could not be more excited about the prospects,” said Rick Berman, Director of International Licensing/Marketing/Design, Maisto International.

The PR goes on to give some background info. But we know you, you need some more details – some real details, some details that are not corporate, not controlled by suits, not spit out by people with “Director” in their titles? Try this, from the intro page to our Comic Book Catalog:

You need more – don’t worry – you will get it in the coming days. For now, it’s enough.

“This is a state of emergency. What do you want me to do – I’m sorry, I’m back”…


5 thoughts on “Maisto + Marvel = Diecast Nirvana!!!!

  1. Awesome !! Bring them on. I have quite a few of the original Marvel pieces when Maisto had the license before. The Captain America car, Spiderman, & Wolverine are some of my favorite designs.

    Always looking forward to new designs that are incorporated into the car itself, so the vehicle actually looks like the character it represents.

    I cannot wait for these!!! Thanks guys.

  2. It looks like a metal body, correct?

    What’s the price point? I bought all of the MGA models a few years ago and I look forward to your offerings as well!

    Best wishes on a successful product line!

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