New 4.5″ Power Racer die-cast for 2010

Maisto Power Racer β€” 25001, 21001
Here’s the lineup for our toy car line, the 4.5″ (1:36-1:47 scale depending on the size of the actual vehicle). Most styles have opening doors and all have a pull-back motor. Just roll it backward for a few inches then let go and watch it zoom away.
Maisto Power Racer — 4.5″ die-cast — 25001

10 thoughts on “New 4.5″ Power Racer die-cast for 2010

  1. That Lambo LP670-4SV, will you make it in 1:18? I absolutely love this car and definitly want to have it in my 1:18 collection.

    I hope, to see more new models in this scale than you had already showed us 😦

  2. I have been waiting for the 370 Z. 2 Questions – What colours and when will production start ? (approx. date)

    Seen pictures of the Nissan Cube, would be nice to add 1 to my collection.

  3. 2 things
    1st I really want to add a lambo sv to my collecton of 1:18 cars but because i keep buying yours i cant afford other sv’s. can you make a 1:18 next year.
    2nd when and where can I get the 4.5″ lamborghini sv?

    • I don’t have an exact date. It’s way behind my expectation. We should be receiving a pre-production sample about June 10, then it has to go to Nissan for review. When OK’d, it will take a couple of months for production to start and the first shipment to get to stores. So, it will probably be late summer before it’s on the shelf.

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