1:18 Special Edition and Premiere Edition new die-cast for 2010


24 thoughts on “1:18 Special Edition and Premiere Edition new die-cast for 2010

    • According to the google.com translation site, Lucas’ message in English is “this site is really cool! I to decorate my room I bought a shelf to put my collection of cars mineaturas !!!!!!!!!!!.”

      Thanks for the compliment.

  1. Is the Honda S2000 the updated 2004-2009 body style? You already have the 2000-2003 S2000 in your line. It has to be since the blue color was first offered when the car was updated.

    • Joe, you’ve got a sharp eye. Unfortunately, we are bringing back the 2000 tool but with the newer blue color.

    • Yes, those are the only colors planned for 2010 but I’m sure that other colors will be added in future years.

  2. when the 1:18 370z coming i like yall new releases get it yall stepping up finally since yall releases the 260z yall should do a 300z to but im happy to see new releases

  3. Hmm, a bit disappointing to hear that about the S2000. It would’ve looked much better (not to mention not to costly to retool) with the updates, which were mostly different headlights, taillights, front grille, and multi-spoke wheels.

  4. Is the Mercedes SLS AMG set for this year???
    That´s a beautiful car and a I have SLR from Maisto…so that will be nice collection.
    And SLR 722 Edition?

  5. hi,
    are the 1:18 mercedes sl65amg , sl63amg , sls gullwing , sl550 , e class red avalible now ?
    and what new colors for 1:18 models.
    thank s
    your s
    maisto fan

  6. Finally something new from you guys….wen is it gonna be available in the market….cant wait to get the Mercs. i Would once again like to request production challenger SRT8

  7. I am a huge fan of your products, unfortunately, Maisto products are a little difficult to get here, but i try my best to get what i can. Recently bought the Audi R8, also have the McLaren SLR and Murcielago. but I am eagerly waiting for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 in 1:18 scale, am not a bit of the Polizia though.I like the normal Gallardo LP560, it’s simply awesome!

    Siddharth , India

  8. are the 1:18 maisto models Ford Mustang Convertiable Roush Racing 2010 (31198) & Mercedes Benz SLS Gullwing red (36197) coming soon in 2010 ?

  9. I was really looking forward to new 1:18 models coming out this year. But by seeing this post, I’m disappointed with the selection. I guess I will be only adding a few to my 100+ 1:18 Maisto collection. Having said that, I still love your cars especially the level of detail and realism and will continue to buy your products (I only buy Maisto). Oh well, there’s always next year. You guys should WOW us in 2011. (Suggestion: port over some of the !:24 into 1:18 scale PLEASE!!! My wish is a 1:18 Nissan GTR)

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