1:24 Nissan 370Z

Here are photos of our tooling model for the upcoming 1:24 Nissan 370Z, stock #31200. Of course, in production the windows will be clear and the wheels and tires will have authentic shapes and colors. This resin model is used to verify the shapes of the parts before the molds are made for the die-cast model.


17 thoughts on “1:24 Nissan 370Z

  1. Woo! Another 1:24 from Maisto I look forward to buying. Will this be coming out along with the CLS63 AMG? Any other new 1:24’s for 2010?

    • Jake, other new Maisto 1:24 die-cast for 2010 are: Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG (not CLS63…), Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Italian Polizia, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, 2009 Corvette Z06 GT1 Commemorative Edition, 1970 Corvette, and 1929 Ford Model A hot rod.

  2. Can’t wait for that. When will it come out?

    I have the Maisto 1:18 350Z in blue that I liked when the casting first came out and still have and still like it!

    When will the full complete list of the 2010 products come out?

  3. I hope maisto made more great cars in 1/24 scale in 2010 .
    Perhaps Lexus LF-A or the Mercedes SLS AMG
    Can’t wait …!!!!!!

  4. heya ya….im new here…but im a primce collector…have around 100+cars in 1/24..most of em frm maisto..
    and yes..i hope maisto makes more in 1/24 scale..
    lexus isF..camaro..more classic lambos liek muira..ferrairs scudeiras,gtos,512s,etc..
    i can go on all day…MAISTO..please make some more for 1/24 😀

  5. Really want a 2009 370Z model (preferably in blask) with the Touring Package (spoiler and Rays wheels). Please let me know when a 370Z of any type is available for retail sale.

    • We have the silver and red ones at our California warehouse now so they should be at retailers soon. Sorry, but no plans for a black one at this time.

      • Thanks for the heads up. I will be looking for them.

        Where will they be available first, in stores or online?

        Also, the tooling model photos don’t show the wheel, do the final products have the Touring 19″ Rays wheels or the base model 18″ 5-spoke?

      • It’s hard to say whether the model will first be available online or at stores. It will have the Rays wheels.

  6. You could see the spoiler and stick shift, and reasonably conclude this model would come as the Sport (not Touring) package. So that would mean Rays 19″, instead of 18″ rims. Thankfully, it doesn’t come with the JDAM rear windshield wiper.

    I’m hoping Maisto production gets around to putting out a model in pearl white with persimmon (orange) seats.

    If you look at the Maisto 1:24 370Zs on Ebay today, the Red (in Maisto box) clearly shows Rays rims, but the silver one by a different seller is apparently a stock photo, meaning he doesn’t have the actual item in hand yet.

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