1:18 Audi R8 Crocodile

Maisto Audi R8 Crocodile #35899

Here’s a limited edition deco we did on our 1:18 Audi R8 die-cast in the GT Racing line. It has special one-race only livery from the American LeMans Series in Adelaide, Australia.


…in 2000.


We’ve got lots of cool new products coming for 2010 but we can’t say anything about most of them until January.


8 thoughts on “1:18 Audi R8 Crocodile

  1. Hi there! I hope among the new die-cast for 2010, you have decided to bring us the new mustang 2010 in the 1:24 scale, in coupe and convertible versions, and in this last one with a removable top. I would also suggest the new Ford Fusion, GM Camaro, Audi R8 convertible.
    Thanks. Looking forward for news!

  2. I hope the new Dodge Ram from my request is on there 🙂

    I hope the 1:18 and 1:24 Special Edition lines, along with the smaller lines as well, have some interesting and new stuff not replicated often by other makers (i.e. the usual Ferrari and Musclecars we’ve seen so much).

    The past few years have been a lag when it comes to new products in these lines. More of that and less of those funny-looking kids products you’ve been pushing lately!

    There still is a collector’s market out there, but the key word is diversification when it comes to model selections. The more diverse and nicely done, the more sales.

  3. thats cool, a little different but alright. cant wait for the new line in january i dont really have a request but a new ferrari might be nice and the new lamborghini lp640 would be nice. and Paulo im pretty sure the new 2010 mustang is already in the color’s red and yellowish color no hard top its only in convertible for now and i think its only in 1:24 scale im not sure id have to check agian

  4. oh and im just throughing this out there but the 1:18 scale pro-rodz silver 2010 mustang is beautiful if you could put a normal mustang suspension and wheels on it, it would be a top! seller it would look much better as a collectors item

  5. hey guys, great job out there. correct me if there already is one, but i think u guys should have a pro rodz eldorado. possibly a playerz jeep rubicon, and more need for speed cars!

  6. one more thing, i think u guys should do a 1/18 scale lp560-4. im only 13 years old but im working on my 323 car, and christmas is coming…. keep em coming!

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