Just in: 2009 Moto GP 1:18 Repsol Honda Team


These just arrived at our warehouse in California so they should be available at retail soon.

Pedrosa and Dovizioso are the riders.


8 thoughts on “Just in: 2009 Moto GP 1:18 Repsol Honda Team

    • Anthony, thanks for commenting. For cost reasons, we cannot include every small marking on the 1:18 models but Rossi’s bulldog will be on our 1:10 model.

      • Regarding about the Yamaha 2009 lineup, they seem to have less sponsor stickers compared to the 2008. And I wonder that I guess it wouldn’t be much cost to add Rossi’s bulldog sticker. By the way, I saw some Rossi bikes that have a “Forza Abruzzo” stickers on the tail piece and some don’t. Are these different variants?

  1. Been checking the Target and Food Lion stores here on the east coast of the USA. Glad to see signs that the new models are coming in. I do wonder why the web site still displays the 2007 models…

  2. Pena que no Brasil, estes modelos vรฃo sรณ chegar em 2011!!!!

    English translation per google.com:
    Pity that in Brazil, these models will only arrive in 2011!!

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