Jevries’ 1:12 R/C ’64 Impala


Starting with a Maisto 1:12 1964 Chevrolet Impala R/C car, Jevries has built an outstanding fully functioning model.


Jevries sent these photos and wrote:

Basically I started out with the original Maisto ride, swapped wheels with the wire wheels I created in resin and modified the electronics using a picture of the IC connections I found on the internet. By adding more channels/ functions I was able to makes this ride lift the front and rear, make it go sideways, three wheel and hop the front of the car hitting the back bumper. I also added extra LED lights. It was a big hit when I showed it at the Bangkok motor show in 2007.

Later on I swapped the modified electronics and used professional equipment for proportional control. I showed this ride at the Vegas lowrider show in 2007 and earlier this year in Japan and people loved it. I recently redid the paintjob and added a theme: The Lost Angel by Mr. Cartoon. Graphics are done by scaling pictures I found on the internet and printing them on clear Decal paper. Next step is a interior and one of the other Maisto ’64’s I will turn into a convertible with working top.

Dig the sparks when the rear bumper scrapes. See a video of the car in action:

See his website at

Here’s the Maisto R/C car that he started with.



17 thoughts on “Jevries’ 1:12 R/C ’64 Impala

  1. Charles, thank you very much for showing my version of the Maisto RC ’64 Impala on the Maisto blog!
    I will definitly keep you updated on the next ’64 I’m going to customise!


  2. For more photos of this model and other new models I’m working on please check my Facebook and Flickr account, check for Jevries.
    My website at the moment is a bit outdated due to lack of time.

  3. Jevries..she’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!! the details really brings out the beauty of the Maisto R/C. I especially like the details you did on the front grill. VERY NICE!

    • Thanks Roy! Glad you like it! The 1/12 Maisto ’64 Impala model is very well made, def one of the best models I worked with.
      I have a whole bunch of pictures on my Jevries facebook and Flickr account of this ride as wel as some photos of my newer work.
      Enjoy! J.

  4. Speaking of the ’64 Impala, there’s a mysterious question i would like you to answer.

    In 1998 when Maisto sent pocket-size catalogs in their 1:18 cars, they listed the new vehicles for 1998 1:18 at the end. At the very last vehicle it has a picture of a 1964 Chevy Implala SS and it was going to be released only in black. But since then it never appeared.

    The Number is 31858

    Do you know what happened to it?

    • I don’t have a good answer for you. That was a year before I started working here and the people involved with the decision at the U.S. office are no longer here to ask. The reason for it being deleted is probably a lack of interest (although I wouldn’t know why) on the part of retailers. In 2000 we came out with a plastic 1963 Impala in 1:24 or 1:25 scale that had a jumping suspension mechanism operated by a wired remote control that also played music. The 31358 stock number that you mention for the Impala was shown in our 1999 catalog (probably printed after the mini-catalog that you mention) for a HUMMER H1.

  5. I remember the Maisto hoppers they could roll back and forth, hop the front and indeed played a tune. The hopping action was the best because Maisto was smart enough to use weight in the trunk so it hopped very realistic. In 2006 one of my designs, the convertible ’63 hopper, was presented to a collegue of yours at Maisto. Unfortunately this model was never produced.
    Talking about popular “lowrider” models no company ever released a 90’s or later model Lincoln Towncar. I’ve seen so many of these cars in the US so I figured it must be quite popular and not only with lowrider people. I’ve only came across a 1/26 limo version but no standard 4 door avialable.
    I would love to see a diecast of this car same goes for the inmens popular ’96 Caddy Fleetwood Brougham aka the last of the big American cars.

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