Talented Artists

I am pretty fortunate to work with as talented a staff of artists as I do. G-d knows I cannot draw, sketch, photoshop, or even use crayons to save my life. I drew a beach ball in chalk on a sidewalk when my daughter was small, she still asked “what’s that daddy?” So I appreciate people’s talents.

The other day, I walked back to the glass cage, and I saw several pieces of art that the guys had been working on in their spare time. They told me it was for a tribute to Michael Jackson happening in Pomona on the 8th of August, thru the end of the month. I loved the look of the art, so even though this is a Maisto blog, since they all work for Maisto, here goes…

first up, young Christian, code name dimex…

Dimex MJ

Dimex is a character, to be sure. You might enjoy seeing some more of him and his interests at the dimex blog at www.dimex1.com

Next up, Joe Rodriguez (Jose). he’s the quiet one of the group, but his art, like his work, is uniquely distinctive:

joe mj

More of Joe can be found at www.jcuriarte.com

Of course, the list would not be complete without an entry from Castro – this one was so cool, with the glove actually being studded. it loses a little in jpeg form, but trust me, it was awesome

castro mj

Castro is all over the web, probably easiest to find out more about him here: www.gangsterbilly.com

There is one more to show, but I have to be a little clandestine cuz the artist’s dad works here. He is a little afraid of the internet, big brother watching over you, etc, but his kid is turning out to be quite a musician and artist – here is V-B’s interpretation of MJ:


Nicely done to everyone. Now get back to work – Next!


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