Maisto On The Road, Next Stop: Mexico

No further description is necessary…

retail in mexico

Whenever, and wherever, we can make a sale of die-cast to a collector of our products, we are going to make it happen. Thanks Juan for sending it in…


6 thoughts on “Maisto On The Road, Next Stop: Mexico

  1. hey maisto i have noticed that you always have big sales out of the U.S.and i was wondering if you are ever have a convension or toy sale in the states?

    • John, thanks for writing. As far as I know, there haven’t been any Maisto collector conventions but it sounds like a cool idea. We’re only sell to retailers. We don’t want to compete with them so we don’t sell to individuals.

  2. ei! im a diecast car collector here in the philippines, especially maisto cars, it’s gonna be good if you have maisto on the road here in the phils.

    more power!!!

  3. i am 28 and first time i see your product
    and i love them specialy the supras and its nice that the cars are rolling in mexico i would wanna the same and promote maisto to all the world of the new and old collectors.


  4. MAISTO cars are very good! I just wysh they make the 2008 chevrolet impala or the 2007 chevrolet thaoe.MAISTO can you make these models? if not can someone tell me why.blessssss!!!!!

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