Back on March 24th on the Double D, we showed the New Look of Law Enforcement. A gold highway patrol ’08 Challenger, the red county fire ’08 Challenger, the black & white ’69 Charger RT and the RESCUE Hummer Hx Concept. Here’s the link,
Here are a couple more being added to that line-up.
A new ’08 Dodge Challenger SRT8 and of course, the classic ’55 Buicks!
Don’t forget to do your part to contribute…take those pics and post!!!






7 thoughts on “Hot Rod HEROS

  1. they look great specialy the dodge challenger police probly the best one and are you going to make them smaller like 1/32 or 1/64 im not worried about the size its just the cost.But if i like it enough ill buy anything

  2. Will we be able to find these at Target or Walmart. My kmart has deleted all the maisto cars, I am not sure where I will find the outlaws as well, or are they just going to be through online dealers?

  3. I would like to know if your remote control cars can take rechargeable batteries. It is not indicayted anywhere whether they can be used or not.

    • Hi! A rechargeable battery, with charger, for the vehicle is included with our 1:10/12 and 1:14 Off-Road vehicles but the controllers use a standard 9 volt battery. Our 1:64 has a built-in rechargeable for the vehicle and uses two AA batteries for the controller. The other R/C items use AA batteries for the vehicles and a 9 volt for the controllers.

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