’55 B-E-A-U-ick Century’s


Okay – It’s been a little slow on the blog…time to speed things up a little. Debuting on store shelves near you are these high-powered ’55 B-E-A-U-ick Century’s. You really need to see these in person! These are some great looking models. One is done in a modern style rich sun-kissed metallic orange, while the other is dressed up in a classic 2 tone metallic red and white.
So go to the store and check’em out!
If you have already snatched up 1 or 2 of these, take some pics and post’em.
We’d love to see them!





3 thoughts on “’55 B-E-A-U-ick Century’s

  1. You did such a beautiful job on this car. It’s killing me you didn’t do it in true 1/24. What would it have hurt to do it right? I think it’ll hurt more now due to all the lost sales.

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