Freeway Fotos

Hey everyone! How’s it going out there? We’re busy as usual, trying to get the catalog finished up for 2010, finish up some packaging, and as always working on new concepts! But there is always time for some “Freeway Fotos!” So Dimex was on the freeway this passed Sunday and caught this bitchin hot rod, awesome pic Chris! This one makes me and I’ll bet the big guy proud… (wipes tear from eye)



5 thoughts on “Freeway Fotos

  1. Hope the 2010 info arrives soon and all in one format instead of scrambled around like this year’s list was.

    I wonder if the 2009 Dodge Ram is on that list. So far still no one has claim to make one yet and even though i like it, i’m sick of looking at the new F-150 all the time!

    Also when will the 1:18 1967 Mustang GT fastback come out? I’m hoping it’ll come out when Sam’s club gets the 1:18 orders for Christmas season (which starts in Aug.) and will the wheels look like the TorqueThrust wheels like on the Bullitt ‘stang (i prefer them chrome or charcoal, either way)?

    • Joe, thanks for commenting. We don’t have plans for the 2009 Dodge Ram at this time but the 2009 Ford F-150 in our 4.5″ long Power Racer line should be in stores in a few months. The 1:18 1967 Ford Mustang GTA fastback, in red and metallic green colors, should be in stores in about two months — perhaps sooner.

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