Maisto (and Bburago) on the Road – in the Mountains of Spain?

Once again, the word of Maisto and Bburago is spreading, this time in the remote mountains of Spain. It was the sight of the Montserrat to Reus 100K Event. Montserrat is a small mountaintop 50k northwest of Barcelona, Reus a small town to the south of Barcelona. Competing in the event, held June 20-21, was Senor Antonio Cabo, the distributor for both Maisto and Bburago in the country of Spain. Here is our Antonio, before the race began


In case you were not believing the “mountains”, check it out:


So we are talking about a 100K, that is 62.6 MILES! Here is Antonio, front and center at the start, in a white hat


wait a second, is that a Maisto hat? Oh yes it is, my friends, and thus we shall continue with the story.

Antonio is looking good, this must be early in the race, cuz he is running it!


check out one of the rest-stops along the route – we don’t have these in Cali…:


of course, it is europe, so you know the food is going to be good. whatever you want, antonio, you deserve it.


note the change of clothes. c’mon, it’s 16 hours, you don’t expect him to be in the same outfit from beginning to end, do you? plus, if you have ever met antonio, you know he has to have some closet at his house – he is always dressed to the nines. here he is at another checkpoint, this time sporting the hat of our twin sister – Bburago:


in the end, antonio completed the course in an astonishing 16 hours, 20 minutes.  if i am not mistaken, that is less than 16 minutes per mile. WOW! I can maybe do 4 miles per hour walking, but no way i could do it for 60 miles. that is some effort, Antonio, we applaud you, and thanks for rocking the Maisto and Bburago colors throughout.


2 thoughts on “Maisto (and Bburago) on the Road – in the Mountains of Spain?

  1. How about this for a race: use Maisto R/C cars on a 1 or 2k course. Because of the length, drivers can’t see the whole course from one position so they need to run alongside. At times, their car can zoom ahead but, for the most part, the driver must keep up with the car. This could be quite a test for both man and machine. At some point a battery replacement would probably be needed, meaning that the driver would need to carry one for a quick pit stop to replace it.

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