Maisto World Tour – Next Stop – Madeira!

the small island off the coast of portugal is another remote location where maisto has found a big following. and thanks to our distributor, david lopes, that following should be growing.

june 1st is the international day of the child, and mr. lopes and the key retail chain arranged a nice little treat for the children of madeira.


as the kids were walking in, they could tell it was going to be a pretty good day. a special gift, perhaps?


man – they are giving out maisto 1:12 motorcycle model kits – sweeeet!


the second one from the left is NOT giving his up!


they seem pretty happy, don’t they?


and there it is – the Honda motorcycle model kit!


all that is left is the victory dance…


and to head out and put that puppy together


the promotion was covered by radio, tv, and the newspapers, and of course, needed to be repported in tha daily dose. thanks david for giving the company a great promotion to report on!


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