Louie Napolitano’s collection


Louie Napolitano of Andover, Massachusetts sent us photos of some of his collection and included the following information:

I started collecting bikes and cars 12 yrs ago, and now I am up to 410 pieces from matchbox to the largest scale (bikes in photos)I have all scales as you can see. Right now there are 250 bikes, multiple 4 wheelers, over 100 cars including Dubs, exotics, street tuners, and trucks all tricked out. I have Ferrari’s, some cost 65.00 each. Just got new Nissan GT-R. I have racing bikes, all the Harley bikes, most of the sport bikes made, choppers, 3 wheelers, etc.I have run out of room in my home gym as you can see. I own multiple cars including a 2000 Corvette C-5 convertible customized with Borla exhaust and K&N filter, air induction(420 horses) painted calipers,custom Foose chrome wheels, etc.It will do 175 mph. Also have had sport bikes, Honda CBR 600’s, dirt bikes, and now my son has a suzuki 110 GSX race bike. As you can see we like our toys in all shapes and forms.Thanks for posting the pics, and keep the pieces coming, there are a few more exotic cars I need to have.



If you would like to see photos of your collection here, send some photos to us at the link on this page and we’ll consider them.


5 thoughts on “Louie Napolitano’s collection

  1. hey awesome collection thats one of the biggest collection i have ever seen i got about 16 diecast car’s but it doesnt compare to yours i cant even imagine how much money you spent in them i hope i get that much and possible more =) good job

    • john, thanks, we have been collecting a long time, over 2000 worth I would guess, keep going, maybe some day we will sell some, I wish they could have put more pics up of the 1:/18 scale choppers and exotic cars, as well as 1/24 sport bikes, take care, louie

  2. Excellent collection Louie!!! You’ll have to replace those “non Maisto” haulers for our new ones that are coming out.

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