Wahoo, it’s Wahoo’s!


We make up lots of the names that you see on AllStars and ProRodz vehicles but this one is the real deal. Castro got permission from Wahoo’s, the fish taco restaurant chain in California, Colorado and Texas. He used authentic graphics to make this low-down 1:25 scale VW Samba, #31022. For info about Wahoo’s, go to http://www.wahoos.com (as usual, Maisto is not responsible for the content on other websites).


7 thoughts on “Wahoo, it’s Wahoo’s!

  1. Castro…that’s just too cool! Now..hey…isn’t a similar deco used on ‘another’ VW bug from the ‘other guys’ ? LOL

  2. I know tha they make a 1/24 scale radio control model for the challenger, but i am searching for a 1/10 scale model of the dodge challenger radio controlled, any help out there???

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