Enough about cars and trucks — we also make planes


Memorial Day is Monday, May 25. In honor of the many members of the military who gave their lives, here is a fighter from World War II. It’s one of the dozens of die-cast planes in the Maisto Tailwinds line.

The F6F Hellcat was a carrier-based Navy plane that was specifically built to counter the Japanese Zero. One of its ace pilots is reported to have said, “I love this airplane so much, that if it could cook, I’d marry it.” For more information about this outstanding plane, see the website at http://www.acepilots.com/planes/f6f_hellcat.html

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5 thoughts on “Enough about cars and trucks — we also make planes

  1. hi im in England and im trying to buy model aircraft and could only find a small sweet shop that sold a coupe. Would you be able to send info on where to buy them from

  2. My 10yr old son has really gotten into the Dogfights show on the History Channel recently and wants a model of every plane he sees. He would really love to start a Tailwinds collection starting with the Hellcat. However, I cannot find these ANYWHERE. I am guessing since this blog post is dated May/2009 that they are still being produced. Where can I purchase these? I did see Tailwinds at a local WalMart. Is that my best bet? Search all of the area WalMarts?

  3. I’ve only been able to find Tailwinds at Wal-mart. I have almost all the planes I want. However, the SU-47, SU-37, and MIG-29 amongst others are very elusive and impossible to find. I wish Maisto would ship a wider variety to retailers. Maybe perhaps expand the line too..please!

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