NEW shipment TARGET 100 sighted!!

Maisto is doing a special release of 100 die cast vehicles exclusive to the TARGET store chain. We just received the newest batch of the “Allstars RED 100 Exclusive” vehicles.

Now in the automotive world, when you think of the word Hot Rod or Rat Rod, one of the vehicles that first comes to mind, well in the top 10 anyway, is the very popular and very desirable 1929 Ford. We decided to choose this model as one of the 5 CHASE, or limited number released, vehicles in this lineup. For this Target department store program, all of the limited number vehicles are done up in the color red. That would be a red body color, red tires, red wheels, red interior and windows. 2 of those are shown here, the ’29 Ford and the VW Squareback. If you are a collecting this line, and paying close attention, you’ll know that the RED VW Squareback makes a total of 6 CHASE cars!

So without further ado…here are 5 of the 12 just released.






Just FYI. There is one exception to the RED colored CHASE vehicles…there is a 1950 custom Merc that has 2 CHASE colors. One is the all red version and the other is satin silver body color with all other pieces red.


5 thoughts on “NEW shipment TARGET 100 sighted!!

  1. jeez – i leave town for a few days and the next thing i know – skid kid is posting? r u kidding me? nice job skid – i’ll be leaving more often.

  2. Castro was selling tickets to sit in the “BIG CHAIR”…
    So I snuck on your computer while you were out…
    Let’s see if I can bang out another before you get back.

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