Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for a 1:26 1955 Buick Century


See photos of the pre-production model as well as the tooling model at the Highway Patrol TV show website.

The Maisto die-cast has no direct connection to the TV show. However, the CHP supplied the patrol cars, including the ’55 Buick, to the show in its early years. On the show, the CHP door shield was covered by a generic shield. The Century 2-door sedan was unique to the CHP — it was a short run of Special 2-door sedans that had the Century engine and front fenders (4 venti-ports on each side instead of 3).

Be sure to cruise around to the other pages on the site — it has a lot of interesting material including a parody of the show that appeared in Mad magazine and a clip of Broderick Crawford being pulled over on the CHiPs TV show. The website’s host, Gary Goltz, is a real fan and even owns his own 1:1 Highway Patrol ’55 Buick. In addition, he is a big supporter of the 11-99 Foundation that is a nonprofit, charitable organization that provides benefits and scholarships to California Highway Patrol family members.

As always, Maisto takes no responsibility for what is posted on sites other than our own.


12 thoughts on “Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for a 1:26 1955 Buick Century

  1. It’s really a shame you folks couldn’t have seen fit to make this car in true 1/24. I would have bought them by the dozen in this version, the upcoming Special Edition version, and whatever All Star version you would have come out with. Instead, I will only buy one piece. How sad.

    I realize the cost effectiveness of producing models to fit into a certain sized box. However, with cars such as this, which have appeal largely to the serious diecast collector, you really aren’t doing the subject any justice. Please, in the future, if you choose to produce large American cars like this Buick, or Lincolns, or big Fords, make them in true 1/24 scale and produce a specific box for them. If Motormax and Jada can do it successfully, why can’t you?

  2. I think the 55 Buick looks great but I also think you guys blew it. Why 1/26 scale? I don’t know why it isn’t done in 1?24 as it should be. I assume it is to fit the standard size boxes. It’s a damn shame this is more important than the actual model. Let’s get this issue corrected. I would have bought several of these 55 Buicks but now I will not buy any. Sorry.

  3. Hello Charles and Maisto! I’ve supported Maisto when I collected mainly 1/18, but am now basically strictly 1/24. Maisto puts out an excellent product in their price range but why, oh why can’t we get true 1/24? I can’t believe it’s the packaging. It shouldn’t be. Are the 1/18 not really 1/18 because of the packaging? I gotta wonder. Perhaps you could gain more 1/24 collectors by offering true 1/24 scale. It’s been my experience that most collectors avoid “off scales.”

    So how about it, Charles? What are the chances of seeing true 1/24 in the Maisto line-up? Great blog, btw. Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the good work for the budget collector.

  4. I love this bodystyle. It’s a shame it’s not 1:24 where it would probably be of more interest to a broader range of collectors.

  5. I to do not understand why you want to make this model in 1/26 scale. This model deserves nothing less than to be done in a good quality 1/24 scale. It should also be done in 1/18 scale. I was excited about buying this model until i learned it was to be made in 1/26 scale. I have decided not to buy it if you go ahead and make it in this toy-like 1/26 scale. There are many adult diecast collectors such as myself who have been waiting a long time for a good quality diecast model of this famous 55 Buick CHP car but we want it done with good quality and in 1/24 scale not toy-like 1/26 scale. I really hope you reconsider the scale of this 55 Buick and give it the correct scale and quality that it deserves. I have no doubt that you would sell many of these models in 1/24 and 1/18. I myself would buy several of them and i’m sure other collectors would to. So,Maisto,please reconsider the scale of this model. Thank you.

  6. Hello Charles and Maisto. In football it would be called “piling on” but I must add my comment here also about the scale of this otherwise fine looking model. Please consider a two-tiered approach to your packaging so that larger subjects like this could be made in true 1/24 scale. That’s what I collect and I dislike mixing off-scale cars in my display. Thanks for listening!

  7. Hello Charels, and Maisto.

    Jim here. While I will buy the 55 Century Highway Patrol car because of the naustalga attached to it, It will be the only iteration of the car I will buy. I wrote that on I also wrote that you doing the car in 1/26 instead of true 1/24 was of no consequense to me because with the purchase of the Patrol car, that would give me a grand total of 1 Maisto car. I am sure you are familiar with The Danbury Mint. While I don’t expect you to jump right out there and deliver the same kind of product at your current price point, I am a true died in the wool 1/24 collector and if you wish to have more of my business (and I spend a lot with DM as do most of the guys here who have commented on the 55) please address the box issue with what ever means you have to. Charles I think you are missing a rather large group of well healed 1/24 collectors out here

    Of course These words are coming out of the mouth of a man who has never put up $250,00 to invest in a model car.
    I can only hope that you will give us some attention. You might be surprised. All the best to you and your company and thanks for listening.

    P.S. Obviously I figured out how to post so please negate that part of my email and thanks again.

  8. I think it’s time Maisto finally considers coming out with a true 1/24 line, geared to the 1/24 diecast collector. As you can see by the direction this thread is taking, there are quite a few of us out there who would love to see such a line come from you. We would even be happy to pay more for the priviledge. I would envision such a line with a higher level of detail, but nothing too crazy, after all, it has to stay at a certain price level, a prototypically correct body shape, and operating features. Something along the lines of what M2 is doing would be perfect. Perhaps offering it as the “1/24 Elite” series, or even marketing it under the Bburago name would make a stronger business case for such an endeavor. The bottom line is, WE WANT 1/24!!!!!

  9. 1:26 scale?
    Why would a collector buy it in off scale, most adult collector are on 1:18, 1:43, 1:24, but 1:26 C’mon.
    I won´t fit with collectors…
    what is next 1:30?

  10. I am also a collector of 1/24th scale cars and have many Maisto products among my collection. My collection encompasses high end precision, but most of my collection is from the lower end of the market.
    I have been dissapointed a few times that Maisto have released the larger cars in off scales to fit a certain size box, the Buick is now the biggest disappointment. Please consider a range of accurate 1/24th larger cars, a 10 inch box would cover just about any car.

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