How low can you go?

Maisto Volkswagen 1600 Notchback, All Stars #31042
Maisto Volkswagen 1600 Notchback, All Stars #31042

Usually we try to tease you with photos of new stuff that is still months away from the store shelves. Instead, here’s a 1:24 that came out last year. The beautiful liquid blue color was deleted for 2009 so you may have to hunt a little to find one. The notchback body style wasn’t common in the U.S. but it is highly prized by collectors now. The Maisto stylists have really done a number on it by adding huge five-spoke wheels, custom interior, chromed engine and, of course, a seriously lowered suspension.

4 thoughts on “How low can you go?

  1. Hi, can anyone from maisto tell me what kinda rims the VDUBZ GRIDEZ are modelled to? And, what sizes modelwize are on the front and on the back. It seems like some Fuchs deep dish replica’s in big sizes. (all models seem to use same kinda rims). I would love to know where to order the real big rims for a real car. Designers, please mail me! 🙂

    • Thanks for writing. These rims were our own design based on the classic 5-spoke style — as far as we know, no one makes these in the real world.

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