Finally — 1:24 GT-R approved

Maisto 1:24 Nissan GT-R, #31294
Maisto 1:24 Nissan GT-R, #31294

On April 19, 2008 we started a series of blog posts about the Maisto 1:24 GT-R promising to show you the steps from beginning to end. We have recently received approval from Nissan for the pre-production samples in the photos above. Normally, the process doesn’t take this long. So now it’s on to production.


27 thoughts on “Finally — 1:24 GT-R approved

    • Yes, but not from Maisto. The Bburago 1:18 in the Collezione Diamond line will be in the same pearl white and red colors. Its stock number is 18-1130. and should be in stores now.

      • Tom, the 1:18 at $114 is a very good model and well worth the price. However, the Maisto 1:24 is for a completely different market with a well-under-$20 retail price. Even at that low price it has an absolutely accurate body shape and plenty of details to make it a very attractive model.

  1. It seems to me that silver and black followed by white would be the colour order of the day. The other three makers who actually have theirs for sale have released the GT-R 1/18 in those colours. White and red are at the bottom of my priorty list and that will be a big factor in decided what maker I buy from.

  2. This will be a very saleable item. As a scale model collector ,I must say,to date I do not have any models of the current GT-R

  3. hey it looks great i bought a GT-R early in february from and when i opened the box and look on the bottom it said jadatoys so i was dissapointed it wasnt from maisto and the other dissapointment was that the edges of the hood are raised up unlike your’s which is flat and i got it in silver in 1:18 scale its cool and everything opens so im trying to think if i should keep my silver 1 or buy a red 1 i realy want…check out my GT-R it should be down at the very bottom in the collector’s section.

    • Well, in a sense we are. Our sister company, Bburago, makes it in 1:18. The stock number is 18-11030. and should be in stores now.

  4. There is a website that I like to get my model cars at and it is called and I am not finding the Nissan GTR there by Bburago yet. Can you tell me why?

  5. I went to Bburago’s website and looked at there and it only showed a few model cars and not the nissan GTR! So can you make the Nissan GTR in 1:18 scale?

    • We’re a little slow in updating the Bburago website but the 1:18 GT-R is being made. and should be in stores now.

  6. I have a suggestion of a model car to make. It is a model car of the new 2009 Corvette zr1 and I hope you guys can make it in 1:18 scale.

  7. I’ve been looking over the internet and typing the stock number and only to find very few links about the 1:18 GT-R. Could you provide a link to a recommended retailer. Thanks!!

    • I apologize. I should have checked more carefully. It turns out that Nissan approved our pre-production models in red and pearl white on April 9. Now the factory has the go-ahead to begin production but it will probably be about two months before the 1:18 GT-R models are in stores.

  8. Who’s yanking who’s chain here? You said the Bburago 1/18 version should be in stores as of April 9. Now you say April 15. I’ve done searches on eBay and searched the Net and nobody is selling them. The first place they should show up is on eBay but nada. ?????

  9. I went to a different website called diecast and it does look like that they have some model cars of the Nissan GT-R but it is made by Dub City, and they have it in 1:18 scale which I am glad so I am probably going to get it later this year!

  10. hi, i just bought the 1/24 nissan gtr and im am so happy with it. is this the only car maisto came out with since the new challenger? also is there a list of new release(d) cars that i can see? i have every muscle and sports car maisto made in stock form (not the big rims or after market types.) also id love to see the question about the ZR1 answered… i need tyhat car in my collection along with the new dodge challenger. thanks!

  11. This is a fabulous addition to your 1/24th scale range and I will be buying on of every color, BTW, I saw on some web sites that you were going to do an M3 Cabrio, that information has now disappeared. Is it still coming or has it been cancelled?, It will be a great shame if it has, it would have been very welcome in my collectrion

  12. I have a question about the 1/24 scale Nissan GT-R, why is the trunk openeable ,but the hinge is missing and its rivited ???

    • As a cost-cutting measure, the trunk on 1:24 Special Edition cars does not open. But it is hinged to open on the Custom Shop version.

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