The New Look of Law Enforcement

At least the way we see it. 1:24 AllStar Rescue Force, hitting the stores like NOW!





and maybe some new emergency vehicles while we are at it…






5 thoughts on “The New Look of Law Enforcement

  1. wow they look awesome im so gonna go buy the hummer hx i got the regular 1 and im probly gonna buy the old dodge challenger good work and may i ask if you will make them in a smaller diecast. like 1:64

  2. Sweet!!! But please make them in 1:64!!! And while you’re at it don’t forget to make a rescue and emergency COE!!! Not that would be sweet!!!

  3. i am going 2 buy the hummer hx cause hummers r like my favorite SUV EVER!!! i’m a car cellector cause i got over 30 of them & my bro is also a car cellector & he has a pimped out car whitch we call it a pimp moveal and he takes it 2 a car show ever year. each month me and him do something 2 his car. so keep makin the pimped cars.

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