Maisto Collector: John Brugger

We recently received some pics from John Brugger sharing his latest additions to his die-cast collection. A Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Diablo, and Ferrari Enzo. John detailed the wheels of his Ferrari with a black sharpie, not too shabby! I’ve done that several times myself!  Thanks for sharing the pics John those are some nice pieces! We read all the messages sent here to the daily dose. If we don’t reply or you don’t see your collection posted right away, don’t worry, we get pretty busy over here, but we do read every message and try our best to respond in some way.



12 thoughts on “Maisto Collector: John Brugger

  1. Hey John, no worries, it was just an fyi for everyone, it wasn’t specific to anyone. I was just letting everyone know that if they don’t see it right away or get a reply, doesn’t mean we didn’t read it. Keep sending in the pics and stories! It’s great!

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