More Freeway Fotos

sometimes, nothing needs to be said. saw this bad-a** Nova being hauled on my way to work this a.m.


i had actually passed it, then realized, that is a mean looking car. so i slowed up to get some shots. i waited fro traffic to susbside a little so i could pull one lane over and get a wider shot


the front is always a little tricky with freeway fotos, but this give you a decent sideways view of the meanish stance it has


all i can say is it was lucky it was on a trailer, cuz if it was running, my honda civic was gonna have to school it – and don’t think i wouldn’t…


2 thoughts on “More Freeway Fotos

  1. Speaking of Chevy’s I just thought of something interesting that Maisto can tool on a cheap budget: I was wondering if you guys can take the 1:18 ’67/’68 Camaro casting and modify it into a 1969.

    ’69 is my favorite year, in any model, in any color (although my favorite is the White/Hugger Orange stripes pace car). I would like to see the Z28, SS, and the RS models. With louvered covered or open headlights, coupe and convertible, and add some new wheel tools (steel wheels like on the ’62 Bel-Air but with wider tread and the classic Rallye Wheels)

    I was sorta impressed with the ’67/68, but there were a few detail issues with the casting that made it look cheap. Those issues need to be resolved before the transer to the ’69. I can’t remember which areas they were.

    But would it be cool to make? They would sell like hot cakes!!!

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