Collector Justin Broniszewski


Daily Dose reader Justin Broniszewski sent in these photos that he shot of the 1:18 scale Maisto Premiere Edition #36859 HUMMER H1. He has done an excellent job of finding a location with scale sized vegetation, waiting for just the right natural light and capturing the scene sharply. The way he’s shown the reflections in the water looks beautiful, too. Well done!

On his website at, he writes “Why would someone collect miniature cars, etc?

“I collect them because I simply love cars. There’s no way I could afford a Bugatti or Ferrari in real life so owning one eighteen times smaller is my only option! I love knowing the history behind each car; how it’s made, what went into making both the real car and the model. I love looking at all the little details that make you go “wow!”. Plus, they’re great discussion pieces!”

His first die-cast was a Bburago that he still has.

Thank you, Justin, for sending these great photos.

As always, Maisto takes no responsibility for what is posted on sites other than our own.


2 thoughts on “Collector Justin Broniszewski

  1. those are awesome photos justin. thanks for sharing them with us – when we set up the double d this is just the type of feedback we were hoping for. nicely done.

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