Ford Opens Raptor Mini Site


Ford has just launched a new mini-web-site expressly for their new Ford Raptor. It looks awesome – you gotta like any site that starts out with a tag “Born in Baja”! Here is a link to the site:

Why do we tell you this? Reason 1 – the Raptor is the cornerstone of the Maisto TECH new line of off-road r/c – we will be offering it in 1/14 scale later this year


Reason #2 – a simple Fresh Metal 1/64 – but lookin’ fine. This was actually part of a promo that Ford used at the launch of the Raptor


Reason #3 – We like Ford!

Enjoy -and check out their web-site!!!


7 thoughts on “Ford Opens Raptor Mini Site

  1. Nice, can’t wait for the Fresh Metals version.

    Now can a Fresh Metals 2009 Dodge Ram be next???

    As much as the Ford F-series is nice, there’s a lot of customers asking for a replica of the new Dodge, to which no other manufacturer makes so far.

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