A nice little package got delivered to the Maisto office in Fontana yesterday! B-rad about flipped when he got the packing slip and read what was inside. RHB showed you a little taste of this on his The Evolution of Towing post. This one really came out bada**! Sure there are other COE’s out there, but this one is ours, and it holds it’s own up against those other guys! See for yourself!






11 thoughts on “HAULIN A**!

  1. Wow! I want them all!! Please also do it in 1/24, but make it true 1/24 so it can hold a 1/24 car (You can package it in the 1/18 box). Thanks!!!

  2. these are tremendous can’t wait until they hit the stores.This line fits in with the previous hot rods you did. How about some ’50’s era saltflat streamliner or belly tanker to go along with these?

  3. can’t wait for these to hit the stores!!! I will but every combo that comes out. Not just one but multiples!!! And yes, please make other COEs!!!

  4. There is nothing as sweet as a good-looking COE hauler and Maisto nailed this one!
    You can be sure I will grab all of them as they display so well with other cars on board. Just make sure you come out with some exceptional period cars,too!
    Thanks Maisto! Great job!

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