Freeway Fotos – The Series

i drive a lot. 130 miles round trip everyday. my carbon footprint is massive. i am sorry for that. but i had this idea. it came to me after i saw this on my way home one day…


first off, i was kind of impressed with my photog skillz taking this thru the passenger window while i was driving in rush hour traffic on the 210w. and with my bb bold 2 megapixel. the second thing i thought of was man, what a great way to pass the time on my commute. and last, of course, i thought my friends at the double d would like it. so here we go…

i went out to dinner on saturday. to phoenix. i live in northridge ca, so it was about 6 hours to get to the restaurant. but it was for my primos 50th, so what the hell. and on the way, i saw this motoring on the 10 east…


what the hell was that? it looked kind of citroen-ish, but the size of a mini cooper. it was wierd, but fun.


nah, i couldn’t have planned that maricopa county sign in there – just dumb luck.

well, after dinner, we stayed overnight in a motel. it was a little wierd, the motel, kind of like a motel 6 but cooler. checking out in the am, we saw this beautiful caddy in the parking lot:


sweeeeeeeeeet. before we hit the road again, i was on the lookout for a bagel. couldn’t find one, but saw this on the road…


now i like old porsches, so i shot it. and the wife, who had been tolerant up to this point, is starting to get annoyed. but we find a place to get a coffee and a muffin, and after a long wait in line, and a screwed up order, we walk outside and see this:


we had walked straight into a porsche club gathering – sure enough, the car we saw on the road was there, and about 30 of his friends…



and that was about it. we hit the road, saw a crapload of dune buggies that i couldn’t get good pics of, but had a nice road trip never-the-less. before we got home, though, we were in the san fernando valley, and strolled into some historic house they were selling for 2,000,000. sorry – we ain’t buying. but i did love the car they had parked out front…


and that’s how we started the series freeway fotos. can’t wait for the NEXT installment. enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Freeway Fotos – The Series

  1. I’m liking this!!! I had a similar idea about random freeway car photos, but everytime something cool comes along, I could never get my camera out fast enough…either the car was haulin ass…or it was cruisin so slow, I passed it up…what the heck? I’m gonna carry this one on for sure!

  2. nice photo skills by the way lol. but really nice cars. those should be diecast cars. they look like toys, i guess thats where the saying “toys for big boys!” came from.

  3. I drive 94 miles round trip for work plus
    another 20 on the days that I pick my
    son up from school. I know the feeling…

    My cellphone is a Samsun flipshot (or whatever the name is) and it takes 3.0 megapixel pics. Pretty good for a cellphone!

    I will look forward to more of your Freeway Fotos and see what pics I can get too.

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