Modified 1:18 ’65 Corvette


Blue Tom in Greece wrote to ask advice on modifying die-cast with what could be found at home or a book shop (I took that to mean making changes without buying any 1:18 scale parts like wheels or engines). Here’s a Maisto 1965 Corvette that I customized by using only a few hobby tools. Here are the changes:

• Wipers removed — I cut off the stubs of the plastic wipers and used them to plug the holes in the body then dabbed on red paint.

• Front bumper removed — I cut off the two mounting posts and used them to plug the holes in the grille then dabbed on flat black paint.

• Antenna — I cut off the plastic one, leaving only the base. Then I drilled a #61 hole in the base and inserted the wire axle from a 1:64 diecast car from below.

• Lowered suspension — I unscrewed the suspensions, removed the coil springs, then reassembled it. This required cutting off the two lugs on the chassis that accept screws for mounting to the display base. If I left the lugs on they would contact the ground under the car.

• Blackwall tires — I gently worked the tires off the wheels and put them on with the whitewalls facing inward.

So, you can modify cars without having to buy extra parts or do anything drastic like puttying, sanding and spray painting. Try it!


2 thoughts on “Modified 1:18 ’65 Corvette

  1. awesome great tips. how do u take your pictures so they have a white background and i just got some new models i told u guys about a couple months ago ill send u some pictures if you like.

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