Lamborghini Announces Drivers Academy – Let’s All Sign Up!

Our friends in San’t Agata are at it again. This time, they are announcing the latest information on their Lamborghini Academy for 2009. With campuses all across Europe, Lamborghini Acadamy offers owners an in depth way to learn more about how to tame their beast of a car, and for non-owners a day of dreaming about how the other half lives.


Coming from California, the above looks like a racing school that I could get into. However, you know how it is in Europe, not always 74 and sunny.


This is not the type of school I am planning to spend my hard-earned euros on…



I mean, can you imagine learning about drifting in conditions like that? Yeah, maybe I can too!

The whole day only costs €3900, including accomodations (you have to get there on your own). Of course, for skilled drivers like myself, they will probably be calling me shortly to offer a guest instructors gig. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Check out the official press release…



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