Reader’s die-cast collection

Here are two photos that John Brugger sent of his die-cast collection. Most are Maisto models. He has a variety of interests going here. Thanks, John!



9 thoughts on “Reader’s die-cast collection

  1. click on the link that says send us your comments and questions on the righthand side and u will have to put the pictures in your email and send them to maisto they will posted them.

  2. hi im just a kid but i actully got into diecast collicting.I want to get more diecasts so i can have a good colliction. But where can i find a nice diecast retailer?

    • Gavin, thanks for writing. Die-cast models are sold in many stores such as toy stores, “big box” retailers like WalMart and K-Mart, and online — just search for “die-cast.” There are many collector websites online, too (search for “die-cast forum”). Happy collecting!

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