1/18 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 made with CRYSTALIZED Swarovski Elements…

ok, perhaps the name is a little long – that’s what happens when you start dealing with mutiple licensors. let’s use the code lp640 CSE for the rest of this post. as mentioned and shown earlier last year, the lp640 CSE is a go, and we have produced our intial quantities for sale in Europe.


adorned with 7668 actual, authentic, CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements, the lp640 CSE is packed in a opening leatherette case with blue felt insert. the car rests on a black wood stand, with metal nameplate depicting the title and actual number of the unit.



the entire vehicle is covered in the crystals, even the opening doors and engine compartment.



there is also a certificate of authenticity and CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements hang tag. this is the ultimate for the collector. it is limited to 550 units in Europe, distributed exclusively by Bauer. we are working with retailers in the US currently, and will report as soon as distribution is opened up here.





21 thoughts on “1/18 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 made with CRYSTALIZED Swarovski Elements…

  1. When will the Swarovski Lamborghini Murcialago be available in the USA. I want to buy one, but don’t know where to buy one.

    Anthony Zoss

    • The translation from the Swedish:
      “Klart grabben ska ha en blingad Lamborghini” is “Clearly the kid should have a bling Lamborghini.”

      “Maisto har tagit fram en Lamborghini leksaksbil som är blingad med kristaller” translates to “Maisto has developed a Lamborghini car toy that is bling with crystal.”

  2. Swarovski rhinestones are becoming more and more popular. Their sparkling outer appearance are naturally attractive. They look very much like precious stones. In addition, they are versatile enough to be attached to various accessories.

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