’55 Buick Century….another Sneaky Peaky

Calling all cars….be on the lookout for a bada**, can I say that? Ok, a gorgeous Black & White, cruisin slow and low! I’d be honored to take a ride downtown in the backseat of this ride! This one would make even “2150” proud.buickpost_maisto_041

Ooh, and she looks so beautiful in red…


ok DD readers… you can pick your jaws up off your keyboards!


5 thoughts on “’55 Buick Century….another Sneaky Peaky

  1. I sell Maisto on my web site, but I have people asking for Buick, Chryslers, Dodge, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, or anything other then Chevy and Ford. Oldies are a big item here in Albuquerque. I want my customers to be able to wright to the manufactures and ask for what they are looking for. I think this could benefit you as a manufacturer to come out with items that other manufacturer do not have. What Information should I give to my customers’ so they can give ideas.
    Thank you for your time!
    Anne Fletcher

  2. And PLEASE do the Buicks, Chryslers, Dodges, Oldsmobiles, and Plymouths in 1/24, too. We 1/24 collectors are feeling pretty left out these days.

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