Maisto on Little Britain USA!

B-RAD found this sweet little gem on youtube, the vehicles used in this sketch about Starbucks (am I allowed to say that?), are Maisto Die-Cast! Are there any legal ramifications of me saying a companies name on here? hope not… anyways check it out! it’s actually pretty damn funny! Thanks Brad!


One thought on “Maisto on Little Britain USA!

  1. Actually…Props go to my wife Kelly and my Sister-in-law Lani. Usually when these 2 girls get together, something is going to happen. Don’t know what or when…but something is going to happen.
    During the holidays this year, these 2 girls were in the back TV room laughing hysterically for the whole house to hear. Being the curious kind of person I am, I went to investigate. Enter Little Britain USA. Beware…it’s the type of show that leaves certain images and the like seared into your pure defenseless minds. I think this episode with our cars in them is the most tame.

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