Your Daily Dose of Culture

sabout 10 days ago, i had an appointment at our factory in china. there i was, sitting in the lobby of the factory, waiting. i got there a little early, and had just found out that our guests were running about an hour late – not unusual for that area of china. we have a cool little museum set up on the 2nd floor of the lobby, very nice, with all sorts of cool products we had made. and then i cam across a book.


that’s right, geeks. all sorts of die-cast never before seen, and i am attracted to a book (guess that makes me more of a geek). the title, rencontre, means meeting in french (that’s what google said). it means nothing in itaian, and the book is published in cooperation with bburago. in fact, the entire book is about a 1997 porsche carrera 911. the inside page shows a comparison between the bburago version and porsche’s own version


then, the next photo is of a raw, unpainted, 1:18 bburago porsche 911 carrera


from there, all hell breaks loose. apparently, they gave the unpainted car to a ton of european artists, the artists then painted them up and sent them back for inclusion of the book. each one that is included has a story about the author, inspiration for the oiece, etc. at least that is what i am imagining, as the book is clearly not in english. at any rate, here are the first 5 car versions. remember, these are photos from a 20+ year old book, so cut me some slack for the pix… i took photos of 20 different models, so we’ll do 5 a day for 4 days. and that will be your daily dose. of culture. next!






have a favorite?


2 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of Culture

  1. Nice this meeting between Porsche and Art!
    I mean those cars are unique and quite strange….
    The last is the coolest from this set.
    I’m waiting for todays set!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. I think the book’s age is around 12 or maybe 13 years because the main model (the 911 996) was lunched in 96′. I think I want that book,’cause it looks quite interesting…!

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