Maisto TECH – The NEW Name In Radio Control

maisto will now be branding our car radio-control products under the brand name Maisto TECH beginning in january. All of our former products, with the exception of Street Troopers, were previously under the name custom shop. we decided to change everything, including the packaging, for the new year – and so far the response has been great.


we’ve heard of some big success stories in 08 with the Street Troopers brand, and we will have a new addition, menace hauler, coming in 2009. there is also a new cycle – but you will hear more on that later in the year. the major emphasis will be in our standard vehicles, and bringing out some new 1:14 and 1:16 titles  in off-road. not just any titles, but exclusives like the hummer hx and h3t (rumored? to be in TF2 this summer), as well as the jeep wrangler rubicon and the ford raptor svt. all in all, a pretty strong line-up. you will be seeing it in the magazines, but here is a first look at one of the ads we are running.




One thought on “Maisto TECH – The NEW Name In Radio Control

  1. Просто замечательно – очень интересные мысли. Разжевано специально как будто бы для меня 🙂

    In English, the first sentence translates to “Just wonderful – very interesting thought.” I wasn’t able to get a clear translation for the second sentence but it seems to mean something like “it looks like it was made for me.” — Charles

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